In case that you are having some problem running Aseprite, you can execute it with the -debug option in the command line.

After running Aseprite, you will see that a Aseprite-v1.2-DebugOutput.txt file (or with a similar name) will be created in your desktop. You can send us that file at so we can help us solving your specific problem.

How to add the -debug parameter on:


  1. You can press the Windows key to open the Start menu and write Aseprite, then expand the actions of Aseprite:

    Aseprite on Start menu

  2. In the actions list click "Open file location":

    Expand options

  3. Right-click the Aseprite shortcut and select the "Properties" option:

    Right click properties

  4. Finally write the -debug parameter in "Target" box and press "OK":

    Debug on properties


  1. First you have to close Aseprite, then open the Spotlight Search pressing ⌘Space or clicking the magnifying glass in the menu bar:

    Open Spotlight

  2. In the Spotlight Search write Terminal and Enter key to open the Terminal app:

    Terminal on Spotlight

  3. In the terminal write the following command and press Enter:

    open -a Aseprite --args -debug


On Steam you can add the -debug option in the Aseprite launch options:

  1. Right-click Aseprite (or Ctrl+click on macOS) in your Steam library and open its "Properties":

    Open Aseprite Properties

  2. Click the "Set Launch Options" button:

    Open launch options

  3. Add the -debug option and press "OK":

    Add debug option