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If you have a problem starting Aseprite (e.g. it starts and closes inmediately), you can try:

  1. Reset your preferences
  2. Use the debug option, this generates a Aseprite-v1.2-DebugOutput.txt file
  3. Windows only: Check if the last line of the generated Aseprite-v1.2-DebugOutput.txt file says: PEN: Wintab library loaded. If that is the case, try disabling Wintab.
  4. In other case, contact us at with the Aseprite-v1.2-DebugOutput.txt file.

You might also try to find your problem on:

Crash/Data Lost

In case of crash, you might be able to recover some sprites.

Tablet Problems

In case your tablet (or the pressure of your tablet) doesn't work, please check the tablet page.

macOS Rendering Problems

Aseprite uses an asynchronous rendering on macOS (CALayer's drawsAsynchronously). Since Aseprite v1.2.20 you can disable this in case that you have some problems e.g. black rectangles in the screen (anyway the performance will drop significantly if you are using a color profile like Display P3).

To disable this:

  1. Close Aseprite
  2. Open aseprite.ini file in the preferences folder
  3. Search the [general] section and add this option osx_async_view = false
    osx_async_view = false
  4. Save the file and start Aseprite


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