Release Notes

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Aseprite v1.1

Aseprite v1.1.13 January 6, 2017

  • Zoom tool can be used on animation playback
  • Fixed UI artifacts when moving splitters and other UI elements
  • macOS: Fixed ⌘key shortcuts on non-QWERTY keyboard layouts (e.g. DVORAK, AZERTY, etc.)

Aseprite v1.1.12 December 29, 2016

Aseprite v1.1.11 December 9, 2016

  • Fixed layout problems with UI Scaling > 100%
  • macOS: Fixed crash using Japanese (and other) keyboard layouts

Aseprite v1.1.10 December 8, 2016

Aseprite v1.1.9 September 23, 2016

  • Fixed graphical glitches while painting (issue 1262)
  • Fixed assigning keys to some menu items when we search for it in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog (issue 1260)

Aseprite v1.1.8 September 20, 2016

  • New option to put the Timeline at the left/right sides (issue 1169)
  • New buttons in context bar to change zoom/scroll and fit sprite on screen
  • Make Foreground/Background color selector dialogs resizable (issue 1250) and save its position/pinned status between sessions (issue 1249)
  • F key is the new keyboard shortcut to switch between the normal mode and fullscreen mode.
  • Added two new palettes EDG16 and EDG32 by ENDESGA Studios
  • Added support to load/save palette from a list of hexadecimal values (.hex format)
  • Windows and OS X: New mouse cursor options
  • Windows and OS X: Use custom native cursor to improve mouse cursor movement (issue 1236)
  • Windows: Fixed issues copying-and-pasting 16bpp and 24bpp image in specific cases (e.g. from/to Photoshop) (issue 1229)
  • OS X: Popup animation options menu with Ctrl+click on "Play" buttons
  • OS X: Fixed right-click on Wacom tablets using the pen buttons (this problem might be related to a specific Wacom driver version)
  • OS X: Fixed mouse wheel issues with USB mouse devices.
  • OS X: General performance improvement
  • Fixed invalid selection after removing frames (issue 1235)
  • Fixed exporting JSON data of frame tags when empty frames are ignored (issue 1244)
  • Fixed cryptic error message using File > Repeat Sprite Sheet in some special cases (issue 1247)
  • Fixed problem merging selected area when we use the "Hand" tool (issue 1241)
  • Fixed other issues (issue 1195, issue 1239, issue 1248, issue 1251, issue 1259)

Aseprite v1.1.7 July 28, 2016

  • New option to hide full path in UI (issue 1199)
  • Fixed theme configuration UI to show user/official folders and themes correctly
  • Fixed crash resizing to big sizes (show not enough memory if we cannot resize the sprite)
  • Fixed some issue in Import Sprite Sheet dialog (issue 1207)
  • Fixed crash copying 8bpp images on Windows (thanks to @zed9h)

Aseprite v1.1.6 July 6, 2016

  • Right-click can move layers/frames/cels in the timeline
  • Added right-click with Ctrl+click on OS X in some controls (timeline, tabs, text entries) (issue 438)
  • Fixed bug ignoring Space bar on Sprite Editor when it's used immediately after clicking in the Timeline (issue 877)
  • Ask for saving each file on exit
  • Right-click subtracts a selection area when we use it inside the sprite editor selection (issue 1164)
  • Added option to include partial tiles in Import Sprite Sheet (issue 1161)
  • Configuration is saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Aseprite on OS X now (issue 1165)
  • Added forward compatibility for .ase files with groups
  • Added support to load Pixly (.anim) files (thanks to @zed9h)
  • Expand filename wildcards in command line on Windows (issue 1049)
  • Fixed issues with some convolution matrices after inserting text (issue)
  • Fixed OS X keyboard modifiers when we switch apps using ⌘Tab (⌘ isn't kept pressed)
  • Fixed other bugs (issue 1153, issue 1166, issue 1167, this issue)

Aseprite v1.1.5.8 June 7, 2016

  • Minor fix for Aseprite launched from the Steam client on OS X

Aseprite v1.1.5.7 June 7, 2016

  • Fixed status bar indicators when we transform the selection
  • Now we can jump to other tag in playback mode clicking a frame of that tag
  • Added option to zoom sliding two fingers up or down on OS X trackpad
  • Don't show the system cursor when the window is created on OS X
  • Don't activate the app on OS X when it's executed from the command line (useful to run bash scripts)

Aseprite v1.1.5.6 May 19, 2016

  • Added Edit > Copy Merged (Ctrl+Shift+C or ⌥⇧⌘C) menu option (issue 824).
  • Changed File > Save Copy As default keyboard shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S (⌥⇧⌘S).
  • Added support to drag & drop files on OS X from Finder to Aseprite (issue 605)
  • Fixed selection feedback when foreground/background color is transparent (issue 1133)
  • Fixed display bug on OS X when the program is executed for first time
  • Fixed arrow keys to move a rotated selection (issue 775)

Aseprite v1.1.5.4 May 11, 2016

  • Fixed Spray and Jumble tools (issue 1130)
  • Fixed "Auto Select Layer" random behavior when Move tool is used for first time
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks

Aseprite v1.1.5.3 May 10, 2016

  • Fixed regression pasting the print-screen content on Windows running on 32bpp resolutions (issue 1122)
  • Fixed memory usage editing huge sprites (issue 1128)
  • Fixed crash using copy & paste of frames in the same sprite
  • Fixed crash creating a new brush with right-click on an empty cel
  • Fixed onion skin with red/blue tint for black/white colors (issue 1125)

Aseprite v1.1.5.2 May 6, 2016

  • Fixed bug undoing a pixel region in special cases (issue 1109)
  • Fixed selection flipping on cels that are small than sprite bounds (issue 1119)
  • Fixed arrow keys to move selection (issue 1120)

Aseprite v1.1.5.1 May 4, 2016

  • Fixed crash pressing Del key without a selection to completelly remove a cel content (regression introduced in issue 1111)

Aseprite v1.1.5 May 4, 2016

Aseprite v1.1.4.1 April 13, 2016

  • Fixed crash resizing an image with RotSprite (issue 1056)
  • Fixed double-click on OS X (issue 1057)
  • Fixed crash launching the app on OS X (issue 1059)

Aseprite v1.1.4 April 12, 2016

  • New backend on Windows and OS X. Improved trackpad support on OS X. This is the first step to improve the UX with wacom tablets, pressure, multiple-windows, etc. (issue 139)
  • Now we can scale from center/pivot (issue 576) and flipping (issue 579)
  • You can select a tile by double clicking over it (issue 939)
  • Add View > Extras menu to hide the selection edges (issue 861)
  • Mouse wheel rotate hue value when used above color selectors (issue 1012)
  • New keyboard customization for tool modifiers (issue 1028)
  • Fixed regression using --batch and --save-as with .png and other formats (issue 1018)
  • Fixed several issues (issue 905, issue 914)

Aseprite v1.1.3 February 29, 2016

  • Added new color picker to quickly select different tints, shades, and tones of the current color
  • Now clicking foreground/background color will change the colors in a custom brush created with Edit > New Brush
  • Fixed crash creating a custom brush without "Type" parameter and restarting the application
  • Fixed bug resetting Screen Scaling value
  • Fixed several bugs with grayscale images
  • Fixed a crash using Windows clipboard in special cases
  • Fixed Wacom tablet lag on Windows platform
  • Added more zoom levels

Aseprite v1.1.2 February 22, 2016

Aseprite v1.1.1 November 6, 2015

Aseprite v1.1.0.1 August 27, 2015

Aseprite v1.1.0 August 21, 2015

Aseprite v1.1-beta5 June 5, 2015

  • Fixed random crashes using Eyedropper with Alt+click
  • Fixed default foreground/background color when the program is executed for the first time

Aseprite v1.1-beta4 June 4, 2015

Aseprite v1.1-beta3 May 11, 2015

  • New color bar:
  • Create brushes with Edit > New Brush and selecting a box. (If there is an active selected area, the brush is created from that selection.) (issue 154)
  • New popup menu to change animation speed (issue 595)
  • Drag-and-drop tabs with Ctrl (or Alt) to duplicate them (issue 634)
  • Now Edit > Preferences > Screen Scaling option can be changed without a restart, and it modifies the UI elements size (to keep the old behavior a new option was added in Edit > Preferences > Experimental > UI Elements Scaling)
  • Continue playing animation when we scroll.
  • Improved the Data Recovery function in some extreme cases (e.g. a crash when the same recovery information is being saved).
  • You can identify tags in --filename-format with {tag}, {innertag}, and {outertag}.
  • Several bug fixes.

Aseprite v1.1-beta2 April 15, 2015

  • Fixed several crashes when moving selection or using tools
  • Fixed crash converting sprite to Grayscale
  • Fixed crash using RotSprite with huge images

Aseprite v1.1-beta1 April 10, 2015