Release Notes

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Aseprite v0.9.x

Aseprite v0.9.6-beta3 February 24, 2014

Aseprite v0.9.6-beta2 February 3, 2014

Aseprite v0.9.6-beta1 January 5, 2014

  • New Timeline, it's a work in progress of issue 293 (it replaces the old Animation Editor):
    • Configurable onionskin settings (issue 110)
    • Select/delete/edit properties of multiple frames/layers (issue 182)
  • New Context Bar with useful options for the current drawing tool (issue 132)
  • Add RotSprite algorithm as a possibility to scale/rotate the selection (issue 121)
  • Export to JSON format from command line (issue 17) (future versions should contain the export feature from the UI)
  • Added the Palette menu with Load/Save commands
  • Added support for Unicode file names on Windows (issue 46, issue 150)
  • Added Cyrillic script (Russian) and missing German Unicode characters (issue 46, issue 294)
  • Added support to split Workspace views
  • Added "play" button in MiniEditorWindow (issue 105)

Aseprite v0.9.5 August 24, 2012

Aseprite v0.9.4 August 24, 2012

  • Added support to resize the color-bar.
  • Fixed regression bug introduced in 0.9.2: menu navigation using keyboard stopped working.
  • Fixed issue 143: Crash in "File > Open/Save" when aseprite.ini contains an invalid path.
  • Fixed issue 160: Crash Undo-ing Layer Delete.

Aseprite v0.9.3 July 10, 2012

  • Now Shift key locks the X/Y axis when you drag & drop the selection.
  • Add support to load GIMP palettes (issue 112).
  • Fix bug with Export Sprite Sheet when the cel is bigger than the sprite's size.
  • Fix regression bug: Enter/Tab/Escape keys don't work in list-boxes.
  • Fix bug showing "modified" status in the document tab.
  • Fix issue 130: crash redoing a "convert to grayscale mode" command.
  • Fix issue 44: problems browsing files when the option "hide extensions for known file types" is activated in Windows Explorer.
  • Fix issue 129: Return to frame/layer where action is undone (configurable option).

Aseprite v0.9.2 May 20, 2012

  • Added scroll-by tile size feature (issue 90): you can press Ctrl+Arrow keys to scroll by tile size.
  • Fix problem losing hue value in palette editor (issue 100).
  • Fix problems loading .ase files (issue 102).
  • Fix problems with Trim (issue 106).

Aseprite v0.9.1 March 24, 2012

  • Now you can transform (move/scale/rotate) the selection directly (video).
  • Integrated copy & paste logic with selection.
  • Text field in the status bar to go to frame (issue 6).
  • Button in status bar to create new frames.
  • Fixed regression bug: now you can clone the selection using Ctrl+drag & drop as in 0.8.2.
  • Fixed issue 52: Text entries do not work in Import Sprite Sheet.
  • WARNING: The "N" keyboard shortcut was changed to "Alt+N" to avoid creation of frames by mistake.
  • Closed issue 48 and issue 50.
  • Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to navigate between tabs.
  • Avoid 100% CPU usage (issue 47).

Aseprite v0.9 September 6, 2011

  • Added Import/Export Sprite Sheet (issue 4).
  • Added support to resize the window in X11, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms.
  • Improved "Canvas Size" command (video).
  • New color selectors with improved RGB and HSB sliders (video).
  • Changes in keyboard shortcuts (some of these changes were made to avoid tool-switching confusion):
    • Elliptical Marquee: Shift+M (it was "M")
    • Polygonal Lasso: Shift+Q (it was "Q")
    • Ellipse: Shift+U (it was "U")
    • Polygon: Shift+D (it was "D")
    • Curve: Shift+L (it was "Y")
    • Spray: Shift+B (it was "S")
  • Added automatic check for updates (issue 13).
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Issue 14 - Don't ask for saving changes when read-only commands are used.
    • #3050538 - File dialog does not show files (sometimes).

Aseprite v0.8.x

Aseprite v0.8.2 November 28, 2010

  • Fixed a critical bug: split an editor, close it, and change tool (crash).
  • Fixed Paste command when we use it in an empty frame.
  • Fixed bug #3051174 (reported by Trent Gamblin): Loading two or more times gui.xml file.

ASE v0.8.1 beta August 13, 2010

  • Improved "Tools Configuration" dialog to show only necessary options for the current tool.
  • Added "Tolerance" parameter to Magic Wand and Paint Bucket (Trent Gamblin idea).
  • Fixed critical problem rendering indexed images with a non-black color in palette entry 0.

ASE v0.8.0 beta August 12, 2010

    • Now you zoom using the mouse wheel without pressing Alt key.
    • Now tools are grouped.
    • Color-bar is completely redesigned (see Quick Reference).
    • Improved selection tools: Now you can move selected pixels dragging the selected area (like MS Paint). [work-in-progress]
    • New ASE skin created by Ilija Melentijevic.
    • "Tools" menu is gone:
      • "Tools > Configure" was moved to "Edit > Tools".
      • "Tools > Options" was moved to "Edit > Options".
      • "Tools > FX" was moved to "Edit > FX".
      • All other options are in "View" (Animation Editor, Palette Editor).
  • New tools: Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand, Eyedropper (as an independet tool, Alt+click is available too), Hand, Move, (Filled) Countour, and (Filled) Polygon.
  • Now the editor cursor displays pen preview (Ilija Melentijevic idea, like Animator Pro).
  • Added compression to .ase/.aseprite format.
  • Added support to zoom when you are drawing (e.g. you can use the mouse wheel when you are drawing a polygon or a long line).

ASE v0.7.x

ASE v0.7.2 September 3, 2009

  • Fixed bug #2847210: "Save" button when close a modified file was not working.

ASE v0.7.1 August 10, 2009

  • Added support to paste/copy text from/to Windows clipboard.
  • Added support to process Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V / Ctrl+P keys in all entry fields.
  • Fixed a bug where file names for new sprites are lower-case always (in Windows).
  • Fixed a program crash when try to open a file in the middle of a thumbnail generation process.

ASE v0.7 August 5, 2009

  • Added "Sprite Size" command (feature #2671468).
  • Added "Save Copy As" command (feature #2636076).
  • Copy & Paste use Windows clipboard (feature #2577954).
  • Added "Canvas Size" and "Rotate Canvas" commands.
  • Fixed compilation support for gcc 64 bits.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple editors and paste command.
  • Fixed a bug in the File Open dialog when user presses ENTER key with an empty file name.
  • Fixed critical bugs in rendering code.

ASE v0.6.x

ASE v0.6.1 January 24, 2009

  • Added support to drag and drop files from Windows explorer (feature #2419098).
  • Fixed bug #2511762 (.PNG' extension unavailable in Open and Save As dialogs, thanks to Clayton Enga for the patch).

ASE v0.6 October 18, 2008

  • Added 'Curve' tool (bezier-spline).
  • Added support to drag and drop colors in color-bar (feature #2109224).
  • Added support to lock lines in special angles with the Shift key, useful to draw in isometric views (feature #1961397).
  • Fixed bugs #1958760 and #1958932.
  • Fixed other serious bugs (Dead-pointers to palettes, Flatten Layers, File Selector, etc.).

ASE v0.6b2 May 6, 2008

  • Added the Background layer.
  • Added support to load and save PNG files (through 'libpng').
  • Transparent cel handling for the end-user (you can move a cel and don't worry about its bounds).
  • Rewritten the "Color Bar" and "Color Selector" dialog.
  • Rewritten the "Animation Editor" (ex-Film Editor).
  • New tools: Eraser, Blur, Jumble.
  • Replaced the "List" menu with the tabs selector.
  • Rewritten the "File Selector":
    • Preview support.
    • Incremental search.
    • History of navigation (Back/Forward).
    • In Windows: you can visit Desktop, My Documents and My Computer locations.
  • Optimized some operations like load/save files and "apply effect" (convolution matrices, color curves, median, etc.)
  • Restructured all the menus (more user friendly options).
  • Enhanced GUI:
    • more borders for windows and more spacing between controls.
    • better mouse behavior (now in Windows the mouse is captured).
    • added tooltips.
  • Added screen pixel-scaling support (with double-buffering). This means that you can use the program in a 320x240 resolution inside a window of 640x480 (pixel-scaling x2).
  • Fixed other minor problems when you drawn in 'tiled mode' or 'paste' the clipboard.
  • New XML format for the menus and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Removed a lot of "complex" functionality:
    • Removed mask-repositories (you can use .msk files instead).
    • Removed menu scripting customization: the scripting support is broken, next versions of ASE will contain a better set of routines to create scripts.
    • Removed screen saver.
    • Removed sessions.
    • Removed draw-text (it'll return in next versions like text-layers).
    • Removed layer-sets (the Animation-Editor can't handle them right at the moment).
    • Removed map-generation utility.
    • Removed linked-cels (were complex for the end-user).

ASE v0.5

ASE v0.5 September 13, 2007

  • Added features-requested by Carl Olsson:
    • better "snap to grid" support for box-like tools (rectangle, ellipse, etc.).
    • floating selection now "snap to grid" also.
    • added a subpixel movement for zoomed-cursors in the editor, to known where we are inside the pixel.
  • Better support for the mouse wheel and middle button in the sprite-editor (to scroll and zoom).
  • GIF support to save file fully supported by default.
  • Fixed compilation with Allegro 4.2.3 SVN (and fixed a bug in Allegro with key_shifts).
  • Now the full-screen or windowed state is remembered (thanks to Manuel De Miguel Moreno to report it).

ASE v0.4~v0.0.1

ASE v0.4 April 21, 2005

  • Removed the console mode.
  • Changed Film Editor shortcut: TAB key.
  • New feature: Each animation frame has duration.
  • New Palette Editor (F4 key).
  • Now sprites support multiple palettes: Each frame can has its own color palette.
  • Added support to load GIF files (by Elias Pschernig).
  • Added a combobox to file-selection to handle the bookmarks.
  • Added rotation!!! Now you can scale and rotate what you paste from the clipboard.

ASE v0.3.1 September 19, 2004

  • Fixed the creation of session files when an exception (fatal error) happens in Windows.
  • Added es.po and files.

ASE v0.3 September 19, 2004

  • Added session manager (if the program crashes the session is saved automatically).
  • Added a tool to draw text (finally).
  • More documentation and tips.
  • Improved the frame adding process.
  • Fixed important bugs.
  • Added a mapgen utility (original code by Johan Halmén and Anders Andersson).
  • Spanish language support (now works in Windows too).
  • Internal code improved (mainly GUI parts, and functions names).

ASE v0.2.4 May 24, 2004

  • More stable undo: with limit and without the strange redo-after-overwrite-undo feature.
  • New median filter to despeckle images.
  • Updated alternative support to load/save JPEG files with JPGalleg 2.3 library, thanks to Angelo Mottola for this.
  • Fixed problems with non-US keyboards: the Alt key can't be used for shortcuts. Some combinations changes:
    • <~> to <`> (open film editor)
    • to <?> (mask by color)
    • to (close current editor)
  • Added Cut, Copy, Paste!
  • Added AutoCrop (before known as Trim).

ASE v0.2.3 March 22, 2004

  • Fixed routine to save JPG files.
  • Fixed and improved various parts of GUI.

ASE v0.2.2 March 3, 2004

  • Added some documentation to write Lua scripts.
  • Film Editor was improved.
  • Fixed errors with the graphics cursor, some keyboard problems, and various minor bugs.
  • New tips with text and images. This will be very useful for beginners.
  • Onionskin feature is done.
  • Added (optional) ordered dithering to render RGB images in 8 bpp.
  • New actions: Merge Down, New Frame, Copy Frame, change Image Type!, Load Script File.
  • Optimized the drawing speed with tiled mode.

ASE v0.2.1 January 4, 2004

  • Fixed in Windows version: spray and some errors saving file-names in the configuration file.
  • Added libintl support and the Spanish translation (only for Linux, but I have planned make this usable in Windows).
  • More undo support: insert/remove layers and mask modifications.
  • Filters Convolution Matrix and Color Curve are back.
  • Added more basic operations (with undo support): flatten layers, duplicate layer, duplicate sprite, horizontal/vertical flip, crop frame.
  • New .ASE format (in alpha status, please test it!).
  • Easy script routines: now are a high-level layer of routines (easy to use and understand), and the low-level routine's set (for internal or more specific works).
  • Removed all the interpolation stuff between key-frames: yes, after thinking, this make too hard the animation edition (so the "fancy spline interpolation" was removed).
  • Optimized the editor's speed in scroll movements.
  • The Film Editor is almost done for layers and frames handle.
  • Fixed filters using mask with displaced layers.
  • Support to apply filters to various frames/layers at the same time.
  • Added differents screen layouts in main.jid (see FAQ.txt to see how change between them).
  • The tool bar is back!

ASE v0.2 December 8, 2003

  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Added optional support for JPEG with JPGalleg 2.0 library.
  • Added draw mode: Opaque (normal), Glass (transparent), Semi (pattern).
  • Added brush types: Circle, Square, Line.
  • Implemented a fake-palette system to make the GUI usable with any sprite palette (mainly to avoid "black-screen" situations when open sprites with ugly palettes).
  • The palette editor has more improvements (like the possibility to move the selection range).
  • "menus" file modified a bit. Some keyboard bindings have change (and new ones added), you can see the "docs/QuickHelp.html" file for more help. Anyway, I try to leave the compability in the more used commands.
  • Full scripting support with Lua-5.0. Sprites and GUI controllable from same scripts, to give you an idea, various of menus actions are programmed directly with scripts.
  • Complete selection handle (mask regions). You can select irregular areas (add, subtract, intersect, by color), save and load them in the .MSK Animator Pro format.
  • Multiple editors. Now you will be able to edit an image with zoom and see the results in other editors (updated in real-time).
  • New Gfx-core. All sprite/image/layer/prop/key stuff was reprogrammed. The more big change, was to property/keyframe level (the properties can be with lineal or spline interpolation, also, have a ending flag to make circular movements or patterns of movement).
  • New GUI. The look and the internal code was reestructured completelly, I made a new GUI library: Jinete (rider).

ASE v0.1.2 July 11, 2003

  • New RLE Gaussian Blur effect (from The GIMP source code).
  • Blender modes are back!: Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Hard Light, Darken, Lighten, Addition, Subtract, Difference, Hue, Saturation, Color, Luminosity.
  • Better the GUI look: With colors, this should be less boring :-)
  • Added a graphics selection dialog where you can specify any resolution (this could be useful for windowed modes).
  • Back again to the good-and-peaceful-allegro-like makefiles. Ok, ok, the GNU style was the worst change in ASE, but now is fixed :-)
  • Removed the .DLL or .so capability for plug-ins. After some weeks of thinking, I decide to strip off this feature because is too hard to do a good system to attach new plug-ins with the current menu implementation. The most user are just "user" and don't will copy the plug-in and modify the menus to add a new entry with a little script-string to call the new plug-in action. Also, this save me a lot of headaches :-)
  • Added multiple filter application: Now, you can apply effects to every layer, to every animation frame, or both.
  • Added the "Recent Files" list.
  • A complete set of scripts routines to handle paths.
  • New selection type: "shrink", to shrink the selection to the current layer bitmap bounds.
  • New "trim_sprite" action.

ASE v0.1.0 December 14, 2002

  • Removed the move tool to displace layers (it was redundant).
  • New interface to load Plug-Ins in a dynamic way (DLL, .so).
  • Complete new support for JPEG files (RGB/grayscale) load/save: athwart the Independent JPEG Group's JPEG Library.
  • New actions:
    • trim_layer_bitmap: trim the current layer to the selection bounds.
    • merge_down: to merge the current layer with the next one.
    • make_undo_animation: to make an animation from the undo operations (to see all the progression of the graphics).
    • undo_history: to undo/redo various operations.
    • color_curve: to make color conversion effects pixel by pixel.
  • Improved the Color Replace command (with tolerance and preview).
  • A new optimized layer-bar, to handle all the keyframe/properties stuff.
  • Various things rewritten to Plug-Ins:
    • file formats,
    • actions for menus (also, now these actions can be used from scripts).
  • Replaced the old color depth system to the new image types: From now, an image can be: RGB, Grayscale, or Indexed type.
  • New ASE Library, with a complete new design to handle: images, layers, bitmaps, properties, keyframes, etc.
  • Source code to GNU style: with,, etc.

ASE v0.0.7 April 19, 2002

  • New scripts routines: request(), apply_filter(), load_sprite(), and save_sprite().
  • Support to load FLI/FLC and to save FLC files. Yes! Now with ASE you can make FLC animations with a good compression performance.
  • Added the posibility to load/save sequences of bitmaps: like ani00.pcx, ani01.pcx, ani02.pcx, etc.
  • More undo functionality. I re-wrote the entire undo system.
  • New rectangular-selection tool: Now you can cut, copy, paste and clear.
  • New RLE compression for 8 bpp in .ase files.
  • Support to load .ase files from 0.0.6 and 0.0.7 CVS (important stage): I recommend you upgrade all your .ase files to the 0.0.7 release version.
  • New properties for keyframes: now each keyframe has its position and alpha, with this you can make animations of objects moving only the keyframes (all the intermediate frames will be calculate automatically).
  • Now the program remember the configuration (through ase.cfg).
  • Added a new draw-tiled mode.
  • New full-screen editing mode. With resizable layer-bar.
  • Added an options to draw the previous frame in transparent mode.
  • Removed the background properties of layers: from now, a layer will be transparent (masked-blitting) ever. With this are fixed a lot of problems with load/save routines in old versions.
  • New reload_menus command.

ASE v0.0.6 February 5, 2002

  • I still don't recommend you the .ase format (just for temporary usage): there are planes to change it.
  • Scripting capability athwart Lua language: now, you can make automatic tasks programming your own scripts (included some scripts as example).
  • Independent alpha (global transparency) and blender-mode for each layer (like in GIMP and Adobe Photoshop).
  • Improved the layer/frame-control: Now add/remove/move/copy layer and frames are really-very-easy with the new layer-panel (like in Macromedia Flash).
  • More easy tool-configuration.
  • New drawing tool: real-pencil, with a unique and original algorithm.
  • Removed all the use of the Allegro GUI.
  • New original (and ugly) GUI look: now, the colors are in harmony for the eyes.

ASE v0.0.5 December 14, 2001

  • More facilities to handle colors with different alpha.
  • New animation control: need test (see bugs.txt to report errors).
  • Optimized the color-selection dialog: now you can make gammas between four colors.
  • Added a preview in the apply-filter dialog.
  • New improved gui system (for the users and for the developers).
  • New tile and reload option for the filters.
  • New view-tile option in tool-menu (for make tileable patterns).

ASE v0.0.4 November 21, 2001

  • Modificable draw properties: thickness, alpha color, spray random factor, and spray radius.
  • Undo support for all tools.
  • Multiple drawing tools support: pixel, pencil, fill, spray, line, rectangle, and ellipse;
  • New improved layer control.
  • A lot of optimizations in the status bar.
  • New duplicate sprite option.
  • New session manager, for load and save your work. Other utility of this, is if the program crash for any reason, it auto-backups your data.
  • Bad news: the old .ase format is incompatible with the new one: I recommend you don't save in .ase until the 0.1 release.
  • New "visible" property for hide and show the layers.
  • New change color-depth function.
  • Added a set-gfx-mode option in the system-menu.
  • New duplicate layer support.

ASE v0.0.3 November 5, 2001

  • New .ase format (for save the layers).
  • More keyboard shorcuts (with a new keys.txt).
  • New layers operations: insert, move and remove.
  • RGBA (alpha channel) bitmaps support.
  • New filter capability, with some examples of filters.
  • An incredible new way to create dialogs (for programmers only).
  • More "Windows friendly" text files.
  • New optimized status bar.
  • New improved look of the GUI.

ASE v0.0.2 October 1, 2001

  • New "infinite" Undo & Redo support.
  • Some importants bug fixed.

ASE v0.0.1 June 27, 2001

  • One tool: interactive line.
  • Color selection support.
  • Poor palette modification capability.