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Rotate Sprite or Selection

Any selection can be rotated using either handles or menu options, both methods will rotate the selection around the pivot point using the chosen algorithm.

Rotation Pivot

Rotation Pivot

The selection is rotated around a single, defined point (Rotation Pivot). By default the pivot point is set in the center of the selection and is not visible until you start rotating the image.

Its placement and visibility settings can be changed from the context bar of any selection tool. The rotation pivot can also be moved with the mouse by holding Left click and dragging the point:

Rotation Pivot Settings Moving the Rotation Pivot with the mouse

Sprite by @ThKasparrr


The selection can be rotated by moving your mouse to the outer part of a handle (Handle), holding Left click and dragging your mouse around the canvas:

Rotate Handles

The mouse cursor will adapt to indicate whether dragging a handle will resize or rotate the selection:

Resize Rotate
Cursor Resize Handle Rotate Handle

With Shift key you can snap angles (0º, 45º, 90º, etc.)

Edit > Rotate

The selection can be rotated by 90º or 180º using menu options under Edit > Rotate.

Rotate Menu Options

Rotation Algorithms

Rotation Algorithms

There are two rotation algorithms available:

While RotSprite is widely accepted as an algorithm producing better results, the choice is up to your preferences.

Fast Rotation vs RotSprite


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